10K Classic

I have been trying to load a pic of the 10K classic regalia but my wp on my phone is acting funny.
Last night, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan made great TV. I love joining Twitter parties during these live ‘shows’ and the VP debate was no exception. Who won? beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, watch my twitter feed and you will see, I was pleased with our VP! Everytime I looked at Paul Ryan, it just seemed like he was going to say ‘totally’ and he did!! I am so jealous of him, 42 and he is running for VP!
The day is almost here. In under 13 hours I will be spending 1 hour of my life running 10 kilometers as fast as I can.
They say that 2500 people have registered for the different races tomorrow. We are having a 10K, 5K run and walk, 1.5 mile and the kids race (.5). This is huge! Approximately 10% of the population of Bowling Green have registered for a race, how awesome! Of course, there was a small motivation to register, the top door prize is $10000. I am also excited because I will have a buddy to ran this race with and guess what? she is faster than me, I might just meet my goal of doing better than my last 10K.
I did deactivate my facebook because with politics, things were getting a little too nasty. It is okay to share your opinion but when you get so mean, start attacking other people and spreading lies and the next day you are leading Bible study, it does not add up. Decided the best way was to take a break until after the elections.
I have an exam this weekend too, pray for me if you think about it.

Back to School

After posting baby boy’s before school pic, decided to post an after school pic! He really did enjoy his first day of school and was excited about going back this morning! This is an answered prayer, he did not think much about his summer school and in his own words, he told me he was ‘happy to be free’.
It has been fun watching the Olympics! Of course I expected more medals from the Kenyans (Where is Kip Keino when we need him?) Now, I know more about waterpolo than I need to (thanks #NBCfail)!
Last week I volunteered for a race and how I wish I had registed to run, I would have been on the podium for sure! there was only one person from my age group! It was a fun small race which I hope it is bigger next year. good thinking, the race director did not date the T-shirts so they can be used next year.
It’s all good!


A few years ago we were asked to write a wish we had and I remember putting down that I wish I could stay home with my baby boy just until he is ready to go to school. Little did I know that the Lord would be gracious enough to answer that prayer. It has been awesome being at home w/the kids and literally watching them grow. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and my baby boy is going to school and I need to find an internship before the fall semester begins.
This morning I went for an interview (Please pray for me if you think about it). As she was talking about the job, I was just thinking of how so badly I want this job. It is actually an internship which I am required to complete for my program. Interviews are so funny. You know the part “Tell us all the good things about yourself” Please, go ahead, brag about yourself!
I am again at the crossroads, looking for a job or internship or both. I know for sure the Lord will come through and I will keep trusting him. Keep the faith!

Y – Yogurt

The yogurt that I eat here not only has a different spelling but has a different consistency. The yogurt that I used to partake of, was basically liquid. It had the consistency of a milkshake and you drank it. I was surprised to find I had to use a spoon to ‘eat’ yogurt. Yoplait is my favorite regular yogurt and Fage Greek yogurt is my greek yogurt.


I remember it like it was yesterday, but I was only in first grade! It had to be first grade because small pox was declared ‘eradicated’ by WHO in 1977 (don’t quote me on that)
It was a normal school day. We then went to morning assembly. The teachers then came and one by one, we were asked to show our left hand and the teacher would examine it. We did not know what they were looking for. We were then separated depending on what they saw on our arm. Kinda like sheep and goats. We then stood in a line and waited. Then these people came, and headed for our line. One by one, took our left arm, pricked the upper arm several times with the needle. yes, and that is how I got my small pox vaccine!