Medical Center 10K


I used to wonder why people drive miles to go and ran a race, I thought people were crazy.  First you pay for the race, then you drive in my case 6 hours (it is a 4 hour drive but you have to add kids to the whole story) find a place to sleep, ran 6.2 miles and then drive back.  That is so crazy, you would think there were no races in St Louis!  and in fact there are plenty…on a given Saturday, there are about 5 or so races happening near me!

We arrived on Friday late night, slept and on Saturday morning Shelley came to pick me up.  When I was doing my Masters, I had to come up with a project for one of my classes and I started a running group and that is how Shelley and I became running buddies.  I miss her!  I miss running with her on Saturdays.  Yes, that is why I registered for this race so that I could do it with Shelley.  It has been proven though that we ran faster individually. 🙂

1192 people participated in this race.  The weather was perfect.  We started raining and even before we reached the first mile, I was already dying.  We both were running faster than our training times but still, I was like, seriously.  I was wondering how I was going to run 5.2 miles more.  Well, we ran, talked and ran and we did it in a 10:17 per mile pace, slower than the last time we both ran individually.  (Maybe if we didn’t talk).

It was awesome to see Shelley and catch up with her.  We also got to see my Dad and he seems to be doing well.  I think I should now start training for the other race that we usually ran together…the half-marathon!  I am tired just thinking about it but I am determined to train well for it.

Freedom 4 Miler

ss 025Two months ago, I thought it would be such a great idea to register for a 4 mile race!  After all, it is St. Louis’ Most Patriotic race!  But here was the challenge that I did not plan for.  A few days later, we headed to Kenya for a month.  I thought I would go to Kenya, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and after all again, it is the land of 4 minute miles!  All the above did not happen.  Here I was, 10 pounds heavier, having gone out to run only once (2 miles) and getting to run a 4 mile race.

The weather was perfect and there were not too many people.  Unfortunately, I did not really know where the race was without my GPS.  There was parking very near the start line for a hefty fee, but there was also free parking downtown since the race was at 7.00 am.  They start charging at 8.00 am.  I opted for the free parking but I had to walk like half a mile, and people were getting ready for the parade (hence the parade picture) and everyone I asked, did not know where the start line was.  I saw some runners running and I started running after them 🙂 and good thing they were going to the same race.

The race was great.  My goal was to get to my car before the meter person and so I did ran at a slow pace.  I even walked some.  Proceeds from the race support the USO and this years was celebrating our freedom with the 1st Battalion 138th Infantry.

Have a great 4 of July!




Spring 157Henry had his last soccer game today. This season started off with the team lacking a coach and two awesome mom’s volunteered to coach. I would have if I did not have classes on Wednesday nights, some games were Wednesday nights. This league was different from the BG league, so much smaller (only four teams), almost all the kids go to the same school district, two games every week and you get to play the other teams 3 times. I did like the fact that the season goes so much faster that by the time you are tired of it, it is over. Henry enjoyed it. Of course soccer brings out, I would like to say the best, but I will not and leave it there. RT did not play soccer since she was participating in Girls on the Run which is an awesome running program for girls and we had so much fun training for the 5K and actually running the 5K.027

Butterflies for Maddie!

048Butterflies for Maddie is a 5K race in honor of Maddie Morgan who passed away at the age of 6. You can read more about her/the foundation here. I had been thinking about going for this race but was debating about the drive. But after the happenings of last week, I registered for it. I have been running some after the half, but not seriously, and I thought to myself, well, it is only 3.1 miles.
Saturday morning, woke up early because it was going to be a long ride and did not want to get lost and miss the race. I arrived 30 minutes before the start time which was great! Picked up my T-shirt and sat in the car and waited. The race was a small race and it had lots of younger folks which was great. It also felt like a family race, all the folks knew each. Many of the kids had butterfly wings on their backs, didn’t take a picture because I did not want to post pictures of kids. It was pretty neat! Many of the volunteers were young, I suspect that these were Maddie’s friends, classmates etc
The course was pretty challenging, there were many hills (the downhills helped) but it did not help that the race ended up the hill. I was pretty excited to reach the finish line before 30 minutes had elapsed! I think this race is a keeper. I like races that have a great cause and it was awesome to get a technical T-shirt!
Keep looking up friends, God is in control and may His peace be with you always!

18 miles

mobile feb13 016

Yesterday (Saturday) morning I was meeting a friend of mine to run 4 miles and guess what? when I met her, she had already ran 6 miles!!! wow!! so we did ran the 4 miles together! She is strong!!

I finally registered for the half which means there is no turning back. They had an insurance fee of $7 so that should anything happened to you, like you become lazy, I meant that you get an injury or whatever happens, you get your registration fee back. I thought that was a very bad idea. What do you think? This race is to raise money for the Family enrichment center, should anything happen to you, just donate your registration fee and pick your T-shirt. I have paid for two races before and not showed up and I just considered it a donation. Well, I did not take the insurance, because God willing, I am running the half, (My second half) and if I don’t, I will donate my registration to the cause!
Wonder why they are calling it a mini marathon and yet it is 13.1 miles!
The first running shoes that I ever bought were Nike shoes. The reason why I bought them was because I wanted the Nike sensor which only worked with Nike shoes. Last year, I decided to get running shoes that were for my feet and after much research, I ended up with Brooks!
But there was one problem, how was I going to use my Nike sensor? yes, google is my friend. I googled and found one on Amazon!  I love it!  Works so well and now I do not have to be stuck with Nike shoes! (I love Nike shoes though)
mobile feb13 017


the week that was!

This was a great week training wise. To celebrate President’s day, I went out and ran 8 miles. Running 8 miles on a track is a killer, I am just saying. It is enough to make you feel dizzy. But I have found out that I do prefer running on a track than running on gravel. The first 3 miles were challenging and then after that my body got used to it and just went with the flow. Went out again for another 6 miles. It was freeezing. Even after 6 miles, my fingers were still cold. This was a fast run for me, I did it in 65 minutes which was great for me. I still have a short run scheduled and then I will officially call it a great week.
The job hunting continues. I did get a job though as a substitute teacher but that is very part time. I do enjoy being a stay at home mom with kids at school 🙂 and I have a four hour comprehensive exam coming soon, so when you think about it, please pray for me. I have my graduation day set but it all depends on this exam.
Yesterday in the news they showed this local guy who has been fined $500 for biting off the head of a bird since the bird was making too much noise for him while he was sitting on his porch. Can it get any crazier than this?
Have a great weekend and keep looking up!

Trumoo #gotitfree

mobile13 095 They say that most of us break our new year resolutions by Valentine’s day. Well, tomorrow is the day, hope you are still hanging onto it. I can’t say that I am doing stellar with my training for the half marathon which is in a few weeks time, but I am still determined to run it. After all, my brother ran one without much training! Look out for the post race report, bet it will be stellar!
I read that drinking chocolate milk after a tough workout can help replenish exhausted muscles and aids in recovery. Trumoo has become my choice of chocolate milk. Not only is it delicious, but it is only 2%. What is your post-workout drink? I used to drink water but when I learned that chocolate milk does more for you than water, I became a Trumoo fan!