Christmas Club

Christmas club accounts rock.  At the beginning of the year I decided that I will try the Christmas club thing and save some money for Christmas and our 7th anniversary.  We have a credit union at our work place but I decided to just open another account and put in some money every month and I  am so excited I did that.  I heard another great idea on radio the other day, every month one can buy a $20 or $25 dollar gift card from the store you shop at during Christmas.  At the end of the year, you will have 11 gift cards from different stores and you can shop for the gifts using these gift cards.  Just an idea.

Christmas Tree & Santa

Rehema and I put up the Christmas tree yesterday afternoon, I have never seen her so excited.  Kids sure do make Christmas fun.

Santa is coming to Rehema’s school this week and the company that is the photos want you to pre-order before they are taken.  The first time we ordered the pictures, the santa was fake and so I guess people did not buy the pictures, so now they want us to buy the pictures before you see them.  I think I will just settle for our Unit’s Santa.  At least he has presents for the kids and it is always what the kids (parents) wants.