Well, he might be a close second to a former presidential hopeful in popularity, but he can sing and entertain…So sad to see Lacey go…been following her since So you think you can dance…their loss…maybe it was a lousy partner…now, to my literature review.


My posts have been kinda slow in coming, I have a research paper and a report due, one is due tomorrow, so I have been trying to work on them…the problem is that I find myself doing other stuff than concentrating on my assignments. I have to say, online learning is pretty hard, I think … More posts…


Legalism Syncretism Religion Gift of tongues Wife inheritance This topics do interest me and will be writing on one or more of them soon

Topic:What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

  I could tell you many stories about buses. Before the Kenya buses started following the rules and regulations and having only sitting passengers, riding a Kenya Bus was an experience.  Not sure if you would call it a great experience, but it did test my patience, always! When it rained, people did not care … More Topic:What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

First Ticket

So Saturday I got my very first ticket…all these 17 years I have been driving, I have never gotten a ticket, and the ticket was not even given to me by a live cop, it was some camera, set up by an out of state company, took a shot of the car I was driving, … More First Ticket


Something interesting happened at work today, photos were added to the internal directory…