Post-race report

WOW! What a race!  The race started at 8.30 am and it was per-fect weather.  My running  buddy and I were nervous but we have been training some together so we were hoping it would pay off.  There were so many people, it was overwhelming.  The first mile was pretty tough and hilly, and you know the first mile is when you try to figure out a comfortable pace.  The second and third mile were okay, we were now getting used to the idea.  We actually ran the fourth mile in under 10 minutes, I guess we were now in the zone and nothing was stopping us now.  The last mile was the hardest, we saw the finish line when we were still .5 miles away from it and we had to go round, it was the longest last stretch ever! It was fun though to see the firefighters who had crossed dressed to raise awareness for breast cancer.

We finished in 1:03:36 which was one minute to the second faster than my other 10K, I was pretty excited.  It is always fun to run a race with a buddy, just makes the time go faster and the race not seem that long.  Baby gal was not to be left behind, she too ran her race and finished!!

10K Classic

I have been trying to load a pic of the 10K classic regalia but my wp on my phone is acting funny.
Last night, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan made great TV. I love joining Twitter parties during these live ‘shows’ and the VP debate was no exception. Who won? beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, watch my twitter feed and you will see, I was pleased with our VP! Everytime I looked at Paul Ryan, it just seemed like he was going to say ‘totally’ and he did!! I am so jealous of him, 42 and he is running for VP!
The day is almost here. In under 13 hours I will be spending 1 hour of my life running 10 kilometers as fast as I can.
They say that 2500 people have registered for the different races tomorrow. We are having a 10K, 5K run and walk, 1.5 mile and the kids race (.5). This is huge! Approximately 10% of the population of Bowling Green have registered for a race, how awesome! Of course, there was a small motivation to register, the top door prize is $10000. I am also excited because I will have a buddy to ran this race with and guess what? she is faster than me, I might just meet my goal of doing better than my last 10K.
I did deactivate my facebook because with politics, things were getting a little too nasty. It is okay to share your opinion but when you get so mean, start attacking other people and spreading lies and the next day you are leading Bible study, it does not add up. Decided the best way was to take a break until after the elections.
I have an exam this weekend too, pray for me if you think about it.

Trail running and same old stuff!

I formed a running group as part of my health promotion program at my university, and it is a staggered group. We have never all met at the same time because we meet on different days, I am the constant obviously. (I have three separate groups) One time, a member of the group decided running on the track is boring and took us running on the trail. Trail running is really another ball game especially during the fall season. You are basically raking the leaves with your shoes as you run and you meet people picking up stuff on the trail to go use deer hunting? I am now totally in love with trail running, who needs a track? or a treadmill for that matter!
Today’s soccer games were ‘hi-larious!’. You cannot fake the game at all! from one my kids running from the ball to the other one scoring from basically halfway across the field, priceless!
Since I mentioned the debate the other day, I was disappointed, but the race is not over. I cannot wait for it to be over! I am not consumed with it, but it is a distraction.
I had a dream that I ran the 10K in 44 minutes yeah, totally in my dreams! totally!
Keep the faith people and keep the sabbath holy.

Week 9,10,11

I just realized that for some reason I forgot the countdown. I am not sure how that happened. Life is busy: family, soccer, internship, running group and everything in between. Both kids have practice and games every week and we are also trying to make up missed games and I still have 375 internship hours left. All is well and we are looking up!
12 more days to the 10K. A few more than that to the elections! I have not put a huge manequin of my candidate of choice on my yard yet! I remember one time when my neighbor had a HUGE manequin of their candidate of choice on their lawn, it was hilarious! His candidate did win though, so maybe it is a good thing.
Smart coach says, that if I have been following the training plan as is written, I am supposed to run the 10K race at 10.01 minutes per mile pace! ha! ha! ha! I just looked up the one and only 10K I have run! I did it in 1:04:36.01 and my pace was 10:25. Maybe I can do it! 2 years and 20 more pounds later!
Keep the faith and will be back with one more post just before the race and a post race post. Maybe I will win the big money!