Fun Monday – Pesa!!

This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by the lovely Gattina. Here is her assignment:
I have the pleasure to be your host (again). I just came back from my round trip through Morocco where I had to pay in Dirhams which gave me an idea for this monday’s topic
I would like to see a picture of your wallet and your country’s currency. Of course there will be a lot of US $, but I suppose you all have a different wallet. I have never seen a bank note from the Philippines for example and I think it is interesting to see with what we pay, because we all have to pay with whatever note or coin !

I thought I had more money than this, turns out I am a poor Kenyan. The last time I went to Kenya, It was under difficult circumstances so I must have spent all my Kenyan monies. The exchange rate right now is $1 to 80 Kenya Shillings and one pound is equivalent to 118 Kenya Shillings. The note I have is the 20 shilling note. At one time, in my lifetime I think, the exchange rate was at one pound was equivalent to 20 Kenya Shillings. Can you imagine? It is at 118 now! Because of that, the 20 Shilling note got its name, pound. The back of the note is the picture of the Moi International Sports Centre which was constructed to host the All Africa games in 1987. The highest currency Kenya has is Ksh 1 000. At the end of every month, I used to be given a few of those by my employer. The next currency is Ksh 500 and then 200, then 100, 50, 20 and 10. We used to have 5 but they got rid of it and introduced the 5 shilling coin which is known as kobole. They also introduced a 10 shillings coin. This is because the 5 & 10 notes were being used so much it did not make sense to keep them as notes, they were getting old and tattered quick. By the way, it is illegal to tear Kenyan legal tender and it is also illegal to walk downtown without any cash on you! Oh yes, you can be stopped at any time by the cops.  Head over to Gattina’s and see all the monies we have out there.  Have a fun monday!

I Heart ?

When I went into couponing, I thought it was all about clipping and saving, little did I know there was more to it than that. Talk about Extra Care Bucks (CVS), Register Rewards (Walgreens) UP Rewards (Rite Aid) and what about those websites/blogs like I heart Publix, Totally Target, Wild for Wags, I heart Rite Aid and the list is endless. Those blogs are interesting! Of course, I cannot forget, Time2saveworkshops and Southern Savers!   These are great websites to help you get started if you are not into this craziness already.  Well, I cannot decide which store I heart, I guess it depends on which week it is. On the grocery side, this week, I think Bilo is the winner. They have so many BOGOs, combined with coupons, you should do well all round. This week, I am loving Rite Aid. I went in to get detergent and came back with this stuff for only $5 (not including tax) and I have a $2 rebate so, I infact I got them for $3. Wow! I also did well in CVS, got 4 cases of sodas for less than $1 out of pocket and came back with $3 ECB. Do you have a favorite store?


 The debate has been whether to pay for Henry to go for Gymnastics. If you ask me, I think NO! The boy is two, he would just be going to jump and not really do real gymnastics. But here, is where my NO is almost becoming yes. The teacher comes to his class to pick them up, the ones who are enrolled line up and leave singing with their hands raised. The ones who are not enrolled are left crying in the class, they obviously assume their friends are off to a grand time somewhere and they are not allowed to go. That part kills me. So, I ask myself, to pay or not to pay? $25 per month for once a week lesson…Can you tell I am in a dilemma? His sister went for the same class when she was 3 until she was 5.

Coupon Fiascos!


First, don’t you just love my blog’s new look?  I love it!

This Sunday there was a high $$$ pampers wipes coupons in the Sunday paper. So, I had it ready so that I could get me some tubs of wipes…I was in Walmart to get a beach towel for Henry as he starts his journey to the swim team and decided to do a price check, and guess what, ALL the pampers wipes were $1.97. Wow, I just scored a free tub of wipes. Little did I know that Walmart has high moral standards. I swiped my coupon at the self service cashier and it did not work. The cashier in charge came and told me they cannot take a coupon that is of a higher value than the cost of the item, but she will check with the Customer Service lady. Customer Service lady made a phone call and came back and told me, they can’t take it. Manager came too and told me, no, they can’t take it. I asked them, why don’t you key in the price of the item like other stores do, she replied that, we get reimbursed $2 and so we cannot key $1.97. Manager told me, they want you to use it at an expensive place…I guess, that is what I am going to do…and I put back the wipes.

Fun Monday – Summer Days

Summer loving had me a blast…Summer loving happened so fast!

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Sayre. She wants us to show and tell about how you spend your summer days. Do you get to laze around and enjoy time off? Or do you work straight through? What do your kids do during the summer?

Well, unfortunately, for us, we just work straight through summer like it never happened. For this summer, we were are hoping, we could be able to afford to go and attend my brother’s wedding, but tickets for 4 people, is kinda pricey.
The kids might have more fun than the adults. Rehema cannot believe her luck that she gets to swim a lot and she will be going for her first summer camp. Henry is just hanging around, spalshing some water too.

Head over to Sayre and see what people are doing for summer…

Soon it was time, to say goodbye…