Fun Monday!

Fun Monday today is hosted by Church Lady. Here is her fun assignment:

Post a photo of your purse and if you care to share, describe what’s inside your purse.

I am posting a photo of my latest purse, I bought it when I was home in April. I think it is very unique.

What’s inside my purse?
Car keys
House Keys
Another set of keys
4 pens
tonnes of coupons
Cell Phone
Old receipts
Small Diary
Pedometer (wrong spot)
If I don’t carry my lunch bag, I will put a snack in a ziplog bag and put in there too!


Head over to Church Lady and see what purses people carry and what they carry in them.  Have a Fun Monday!

Last Two Weeks

These last two weeks have been so busy, I did not manage to post my usual Sunday posts.  All the craziness began on Saturday, when after shopping at the sale, my car would not start.  It took a whole day for my husband to get that sorted out and it was such a hot day.
Needless to say, I got a $2 breadmaker from that sale, that works!

On Thursday, Farrah Fawcett passed away.  I watched the special about her, the first time they aired it and it made me cry.  My heart goes out to her family.

and then the passing away of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a shocker.   May His soul rest in peace.

Fun Monday

Fun Monday is hosted by Lil Mouse. Here is the assignment:
Obviously, knowing all of you bloggers out there, you broke the mold the day you were born, but what else happened? Did anything funny, serious, or sad occur on the same day in history that you were born, a birth, death or a sports record set? 

My birthday is on January 1st.

– New years day

– 1863 – January 1
President Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, which legally frees all of the African American slaves in Confederate states. Though the Proclamation affects few slaves immediately, it encourages others to escape. For more, see our in-depth article on the American Civil War.

 This info is taken from this site.

Head over to Lil Mouse and read what happened on people’s birthdays.


That Chicken Tikka Masala was even better the second day.
After running the 5K yesterday, they could not find mine and other people’s results. I guess stranger things have happened.
I love “So you think you can dance” So much fun.
You know you have got too much stuff, when you have tagged over 100 items for a consignment sale and you are not even halfway.

Fun Monday

This weeks fun Monday is hosted by Sayre Smiles.

Here is her assignment:
Using your imagination, project into the future and tell me what you will be like as an 80-year old. Will you be someone who doesn’t accept the aging process, spending all your time in the
gym and the bars, or will you be a rocking chair granny, or something in between?

I think spending a little more time in the gym does not mean that one has not accepted the aging process, I think it’s a good way of spending time and keeping your body healthy and fit, right? at least, that is what I tell myself.  I intend to spend more time in the gym if I will have the luxury of retiring.    I am NOT going to be a rocking chair granny unless my health demands it so.  If I live to see 80, chances are I will be somewhere in Africa, eating Sukuma wiki (kale or collard greens) and Ugali (kinda like stiff porridge), drinking lots of tea and tilling the land.  I hope the kids and grandkids will be able to visit often.


Go over to Sayre Smiles and see what people will be upto in their 80s.  have a fun Monday


DSC03583I had to go home on Thursday sick, weird
Riverbend festival is here, the Riverbend run is this Saturday, I cant wait
The worst TV show ever is: “I am a celebrity, get me out of here” I got out before the celebrities could
Can’t the leader of the free world take his wife for a date in peace?
Henry started walking this past week, finally!
I just found a Chicken Tikka Masala recipe I am going to try this weekend. Anyone love Indian food?
Have a great week!


June is here, Henry turns 16 months today and he has finally decided its time to start walking on his two feet. Pretty exciting to watch. Rehema is in shock, it must be interesting to watch him grow through her eyes. Summer school is here too for Rehema, she is pretty excited about swimming.

I successfully achieved my May fitness goals. I had set out to run/bike 30 miles and I actually did do 45. This month I am going for 80 miles total…Wow! Sounds daunting but I am excited about achieving that goal. This month is also the 10K race month, so much to look forward too…keeping fit, one month at a time. Happy June!