Fun Monday!

This is the last Fun Monday of the year, so, why not participate. Jill has been hosting during the month of December (she has a pretty blog) and here is her topic:

Give us a holiday update or an update on your year in general. Where does this year leave you, or where are you going? What do you look forward to, or look back on, with anticipation or joy? This can take the form of your annual holiday letter, a letter to yourself this time next year, a comparison of last year to this, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

It was a treat to wake up to a white Christmas!  We had some fun in the snow with the kids.  2010 was another year of trusting God for our family. We have seen God provide for us in so many ways and we are forever grateful. It was a year of firsts and blessings. Rehema started school and my brother got married in August. Unfortunately, these two events happened at the same time, so, it was difficult to go home for the wedding, other circumstances played into it too. I also went back to college after one semester off, that was challenging. I look forward to 2011. I know the Lord has exciting things in store for us and we will keep on trusting.

Head over to Jill!

Wedding Trivia #2

Will let you know what the answer to Trivia #1 was in the evening, the answer is so random!, but let me go to Trivia #2
Before the bride leaves the house to go and enter the vehicle that has come to pick her up, she has to give her sister(s) some money so that her sister can give her (the bride) what?
hint…the bride cannot leave without this.

Apondi, your lips are sealed.

Every culture does things differently and so I am going by my own experience.

Wedding Trivia

Since 9th December marks our 10th wedding anniversary, I am going to play some wedding trivia. Here goes: In some cultures, when the groomsman comes to get the girl from the house, they cannot come empty handed. So when Dave Peterson came to get me to take me to the church, Sunil asked him:
Dave, did you bring a …? You know they will not the bride go if you don’t have it. What do you think Sunil was talking about?
take a guess and “Dave” you or yours are not allowed to answer.