Another phase…

mobile 1313It is one month since I posted on this blog, oh wow! a lot has happened since then. When I think about these last two months, tears come to my eyes. The Lord has indeed been faithful and what can I say, we just have to trust Him. I worked at my retail job until about one week ago. That was the most interesting job I have ever had and I loved it. So, if I loved it so much why did I leave?
The Lord answered our prayers and our circumstances changed. Hubby was blessed with another job and I too was blessed with a full time job.
In summary, I got called for an interview for a job that I thought would be perfect for me, and when I called back to reschedule since I had a conflict, she decided to cancel the interview. I was devastated. Well, the next week, I got two interviews from a different organization (for different jobs). Last week, the call came and I was excited and grateful for the Lord had answered our prayers. This job is really close to my heart on so many levels and I indeed pray that I will do a good job. When I look back from where I have come from since we moved to BG, I feel the Lord was preparing me for this opportunity. Thank you to all who have walked this journey with me.
Keep looking up and thanks for reading.