Henry had to go to daycare today because I had the opthamologist appointment. The kids were having their pictures made at daycare so he would have gone anyway…I have never been in a doctor’s appointment for that long, a cool 240 minutes, 210 of it was just waiting and waiting and the other 20 were, 5 with the Doctor, 15 with the techs and 10 at the reception waiting to check out. WOW!!! They did so many tests, thank God I only have to pay a copay, next year when things go 80/20, I do not think I will be agreeing to so many tests unless I am thouroughly convinced that it is necessary. well, he says, there is really nothing wrong with my eye, it is irritated because of dust and the sun, so he gave me some eye drops. after 230 minutes….

3 thoughts on “Doc’s Appt

  1. Isn’t is amazing how OUR time doesn’t seem to matter ?
    Hope your eye is better. We had three grandbabies living with us while Daddy was in Iraq. They were walking petri dishes. I caught pink eye from them ! After having taught in the public schools for over 25 years, I NEVER had pink eye until last month.
    Speaking of babies…those those on your header are more than just adorable.


  2. I blame the long wait on Insurance — really. The plans push doctors into overbooking to fit patients into 15 minute slots — and, of course, some take much longer

    Oh, I could be wrong about this, it is just a theory.


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