Tooth Fairy!

Tooth fairy seems to have outseated ‘Santa’ in our house! Move over ‘Santa’. Before we left for Arizona, Baby girl had a shaky tooth and it bothered her some during the trip. On the last day, it finally came out. So, we flew (flying with 2 kids – that is a story for another day but thank you again sweet lady who gave up her seat so that Henry could sit next to me) the tooth back to BG! so that the tooth fairy would find it and leave some money for the girl! Baby Girl left a note for the tooth fairy which tooth fairy was kind enough to share! where was tooth fairy when I was growing up?
P/S Thanks tooth fairy 🙂

Baby Girl

Baby girl was not feeling well this weekend, on Sunday she was worse.  So, I joined the hoardes of panicking parents and took her to the PM Pediatrics that we have.  The last two times I have been there, there have been only only one or two patients.  Wow, I walked in at 6.05 pm, it opens at 6 pm, and there were like 5 other parents.  All to say, 3 hours later is when we were leaving.    I think next time I will just wait for the next day and go to the regular doctor.  The PA who saw her, said she had some inflamation and prescribed breathing treatments which she hates and wants to avoid like the plague.  Well, I hope she feels better soon, it’s kinda different at the house when she is not talking our ears off.


It has been an interesting weekend, I decided to go to Target and stock on the diapers since they are tax free this weekend. Reason why I went to Target was because they had a sale on diapers too. When I reached there, they had a sign saying “Diapers and wipes are tax free” Ha! decided to stock up on both, when I reached the cashier, of course I was taxed on the wipes. When I asked them why they have a sign saying they are tax free, they all looked at me with a blank. So someone went and checked, and sure enough the sign was there, and because the sign was there, they refunded me the tax, I was fine with the tax, I was just asking because of the sign, thought they were running a special 🙂
Busy weekend though, everyone was out shopping.